Friday, March 5, 2021

12:05 PM EST
- 12:25 PM EST

This session will address the landscape for women, impact of the pandemic, how business is leading the way to an inclusive recovery.

12:30 PM EST
- 1:00 PM EST

The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the progress made on gender equity. Women make up 54% of overall job losses due to COVID-19 and they have been on the frontlines of fighting the disease. One of every three jobs held by women is considered essential, and women of color are more likely to have essential jobs. The burden of unpaid care, which has risen during the pandemic, falls disproportionately on women and threatens the health of our economy and business.  This panel will look at action to further progress on gender equity.

1:00 PM EST
- 1:30 PM EST

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past year. Women are leaving the workforce at four times the rate of men and they lost more jobs than men in 2020.  This is often due to at-home demands which impacts their ability to rejoin the workforce and sustain jobs.  This session will look at how we are reimagining care and creating an enabling workplace environment for employees that supports their current needs.

1:30 PM EST
- 2:00 PM EST

Now is not the time to pause diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  This session will look at efforts by companies to ramp up the vision of diverse and gender fair workplaces.

2:00 PM EST
- 2:15 PM EST

This conversation will look at board diversity in light of the increased focus on equity as both a societal issue and a business issue.

2:15 PM EST
- 2:35 PM EST

Studies show that students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math can decline as they enter high school. This session will highlight how to maintain interest in STEM by offering unique opportunities for girls and diverse students, spanning different ages from elementary school to high school through college and beyond.

2:35 PM EST
- 2:45 PM EST

In order to challenge negative stereotypes and provide girls agency to pursue STEM careers, they need to see positive role models on and off the screen.  This session will showcase a partnership that is changing how girls see the world through careers in STEM.

2:45 PM EST
- 3:15 PM EST

The instinct to face insurmountable challenges has made women entrepreneurs who they are – successful. This session will feature strong, forward-thinking female founders who have navigated through these times of uncertainty in a way that has brought value to industries, communities and consumers—not to mention their bottom-line. Speakers will also examine the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for women and the strategies that turned barriers into opportunities.

3:15 PM EST
- 3:40 PM EST

Collaboration is key for women, who play an essential role in growing economies and communities in Africa, to overcome barriers and scale their businesses. This session will focus on partnerships that empower economic growth for African women.

3:45 PM EST
- 4:30 PM EST

Current economic circumstances are hitting women harder than men, making it ever more important for women to manage and lead their finances. This session will look at efforts to improve financial health for women and how we can make our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic more inclusive.

While entrepreneurs have struggled over the past year, they have also seized innovation and opportunity, leading to an increase in entrepreneurial activity. Women, especially minorities, continue to lack adequate access to capital to start and grow their businesses. This conversation will look at the current environment and share best practices for how we can effect change for minority entrepreneurs.

The social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a major effect on mental health. It is clear that employees need resources to help them cope and thrive in these challenging times. Making mental health services more accessible and providing interventions in the workplace, as well as resources to customers, can provide many benefits. This session will highlight how companies are taking the lead in addressing the strain on mental health in an enduring way that will guide us into a healthier future.