Wednesday, November 16, 2022

8:00 AM EST
- 9:00 AM EST

9:25 AM EST
- 9:40 AM EST

Every day, the private sector serves as a powerful force for good in communities across the U.S. and in countries around the world. For 23 years, the Citizens Awards have highlighted how businesses are helping solve today’s greatest challenges and accelerating momentum for a better future through innovative solutions.

9:40 AM EST
- 10:00 AM EST

This fireside chat will look at how corporate purpose can be lived and demonstrated through both business and community impact. We will highlight how one company is sharing solutions for some of the world’s most pressing global public health challenges and working collectively, with internal and external partners, to advance better health for all.

JLABS at Washington, DC

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11:20 AM EST
- 11:35 AM EST

Successful programs are not created overnight, and long-term solutions require long-standing commitments. This session will explore how one company has been building opportunity and producing results for fifteen years that are both good for the community and the company.

USCCF Travelers EDGE Overview

11:35 AM EST
- 11:55 AM EST

As we contemplate our future workforce and the diverse set of skills they will need for the jobs of tomorrow, we need to understand the critical role that teachers play. The pandemic showed us that teachers and schools no longer focus solely on academic needs but social and emotional needs, safety, food, health, and so much more. This session will look at what teachers need to support our future workforce.

12:05 PM EST
- 1:00 PM EST

Telling Your Own Story: Representation in the Creative Industries
NBCUniversal launched The Creative Impact Lab to address a critical need for resources and expertise to illustrate the positive impact nonprofit partners are having, as well as diverse storytellers to portray their community work in an authentic way. Hear how leaning into NBCUniversal’s strengths made a difference for nonprofits and learn how your organization can utilize its business expertise to adopt a similar strategy when crafting its social purpose platform.

1:10 PM EST
- 1:50 PM EST

Increased global crises such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict, climate change events including disasters, flooding and drought, and a global pandemic have challenged food production and distribution. As a result, food insecurity threatens the well-being of families, communities, and nations. This panel will examine efforts to address immediate short-term needs, while creating resilient food systems for the future.

2:55 PM EST
- 3:35 PM EST

Many companies have taken significant voluntary actions, made investments, and set targets to help forge solutions that improve our environment and address climate change. This panel will look at the process of ensuring that these targets are met and identify the inputs that drive progress.

3:35 PM EST
- 3:55 PM EST

3:55 PM EST
- 5:10 PM EST

When disasters hit, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often more challenged in disaster recovery. Disaster “toolkits” and other resources can be overwhelming when small businesses are focused on their core business operations. This session will discuss how SMEs can protect their people and operations by investing in resiliency and preparedness before disasters strike.

Location: Oceanic

This inspiring session will give you a front row seat to the magic of how state-of-the-art tech, positive youth development, and next-gen career guidance come together to create pathways to prosperity. You’ll hear how the Best Buy Teen Tech Center @ FBR Club in Washington, D.C.’s historic Anacostia neighborhood is opening doors for youth and inspiring opportunities with local employers. Finally, you’ll experience how it all comes together as you participate in a special project led by a member of the Teen Tech Center.

Location: Meridian DE

5:10 PM EST
- 5:20 PM EST

Thursday, November 17, 2022

8:00 AM EST
- 9:00 AM EST

9:05 AM EST
- 9:45 AM EST

Day two of Business Solves will kick off with remarks about the importance of well-being, why quantifying well-being matters to business, and how promoting it can strengthen companies and communities in this new hybrid (and often remote) environment. Gallup will share how they measure how people feel and why this data should matter to business as much as hard indicators that measure other types of progress. This will be followed by a panel conversation about how empathy and kindness can bring people together in unexpected ways, both inside and outside of companies.

Kindness In The Workplace

Indeed - ERG

9:45 AM EST
- 10:20 AM EST

Globally, more than one billion people are living with a disability, many of which are not visible. The most common hidden disabilities include depression, hearing, and visual problems. The pandemic compounded some hidden disabilities particularly on the mental health front, and the impact of long Covid-19 is yet to be completely understood. This session will look at renewed efforts to address the impact of hidden disabilities to improve quality of life.

10:20 AM EST
- 11:00 AM EST

Improving access to healthcare for all requires commitment, innovation, partnership, and measurement. This session will highlight how businesses are taking critical action to create a healthier future for all.

11:00 AM EST
- 11:15 AM EST

11:15 AM EST
- 12:30 PM EST

In response to the frequency of natural disasters and complex crises impacting communities and businesses, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation launched a Resilience Operations Center of the Americas, which will serve as a virtual hub connecting businesses across the region to enhance operational resilience. Join this focus group to share perspectives on coordination, shared risk across sectors, and gaps in navigating concurrent incidents.

Location: Continental C

The benefit of diverse suppliers was clearly demonstrated during the pandemic, when nimble businesses were able to pivot and innovate to meet needs. This session will look at practical examples of how increased supplier diversity leads to innovation as well as trends in the space.

Location: Polaris Suite

As companies continue to measure their impact, reporting has become increasingly important. Companies that are innovative and forward-thinking are laser-focused on how they tell the story of what's going on inside of their companies, the impact they’re having on communities and why it matters. This session will bring together these innovative companies to dive into best-in-class impact reporting.

Location: Meridian DE

What is the vision for circularity in cities and what role does the business community play in making that vision come to life? This session will feature examples of how companies are engaging locally and what best practices can be replicated.

Location: Continental B

12:30 PM EST
- 1:00 PM EST

1:00 PM EST
- 1:30 PM EST

1:30 PM EST
- 3:30 PM EST

Join your fellow attendees in a unique opportunity to see impact in action! These interactive field trips will immerse you in the work of select partner organizations. This is a great networking opportunity, and you’ll experience work that is happening now on the ground. Transportation to the sites is provided and networking receptions will follow.

Location: Ker Conway Residence, 1005 North Capitol St NE, Washington, DC

After touring the Ker Conway Residence, we will talk about models for ending homelessness and how strategic investments can help drive reductions nationwide while producing a return on investment for all involved. For some companies, it’s not simply a philanthropic investment, but an opportunity to use the weight of the brand to change the narrative around a major problem. For others, it’s about supporting organizations that help address needs including shelter, employment coaching, and more. Join us for a conversation about how business is backing solutions to one of America’s most persistent challenges.

Location: JLABS, 7144 13th Place NW, Suite 2200, Washington, DC

Social identities and environmental conditions continue to impact health care and health outcomes across America. Following our tour of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS @ Washington, DC, the life sciences and healthcare incubator opened in partnership with Children's National Hospital, we will gather for a conversation about how collaboration and innovation can help transform health care and reduce health disparities.

Location: FEMA Headquarters, 500 C St SW, Washington, DC 20024

After our tour of the National Response Coordination Center, located at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters, we will have a discussion about fostering new relationships and share insights ahead of the next disaster. During this conversation, leaders from FEMA will share how the agency is working to address the nation’s evolving emergency management needs and how it collaborates with the private sector during disasters.

3:30 PM EST
- 5:00 PM EST