(times are approximate and subject to change until closer to the event date; additional speakers added regularly)

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

9:00 AM EDT

10:00 AM EDT

This fast-paced series of three mini-keynote presentations will set the stage for the 2023 conference agenda and the core purpose behind this event. Dynamic thought leaders will orient our collective thinking toward the outcomes we aim to deliver: inspiring stories and repeatable practices that embody what it means for the business community and its partners to anticipate challenges, develop solutions, and solve problems.  

10:40 AM EDT

Join multi-industry corporate leaders as they illustrate how their signature societal investments have made a mark everywhere that matters: in the hearts and minds of employees and customers, in the well-being of their local communities, and in the economic and competitive strength of their companies. 

1:25 PM EDT

Panelists will discuss the business case for civic engagement and the experiences and leadership of members of the business community as they encourage informed civic participation as a way to unify our communities and support and strengthen our democracy. Explore the important role the business sector has in modeling civil discourse and public service and the ongoing opportunities businesses have to lead in this area – as the #1 most trusted institution, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.

2:25 PM EDT

Take a deep dive into local community impact with two leaders with important lessons to share. What techniques have worked well at the local level to make meaningful impacts that will last well into the future? What does it mean for the community when a company deeply invests in the well being of its home city? From employee volunteer programming to innovative philanthropic strategies, this session will provide both practical and inspirational ideas that can be adapted in a variety of community types and sizes.  

3:25 PM EDT

Being healthy is more than the absence of illness or disease. It is a complete system comprising our minds, bodies, and surroundings. All too often, individuals face compromise in one or more aspects of health and wellness. These social determinants of health, such as safety, social belonging, access to basic healthcare, housing and transportation, education and literacy, income opportunities, access to nutrition and exercise, and environmental quality, are complex and overlapping. Join a panel of those who are creating widespread progress and improved outcomes within their areas of impact. 

4:25 PM EDT

The state of the workforce is in crisis. Whether it’s a shortage in a particular industry such as medical care or the lingering effects of the Great Resignation phase of 2022, employers are feeling the crunch – and job seekers are looking for improvements to the employment status quo. Deterring the crisis can’t wait, and in fact must begin when today’s youth are in their formative years and are preparing to join the workforce. Join this discussion about solutions that are at work today to connect the pre-K and K-12 educational experiences with the needs and career opportunities abundant in the workforce.

5:30 PM EDT
- 7:00 PM EDT

Enjoy entertainment, an abundant food selection, drinks, and networking. 

7:00 PM EDT
- 9:00 PM EDT

Continue the camaraderie and networking at a popular venue just two blocks from the U.S. Chamber headquarters. 

Thank you to UPS and The UPS Foundation for once again sponsoring this convening. 

Thursday, November 2, 2023

8:30 AM EDT
- 9:30 AM EDT

Coffee, breakfast, and networking in a relaxed setting; arrive at your leisure before programming begins at 9:30.

9:30 AM EDT

Gartner shares that in 2023, nine trends are creating the future of work – among them: "quiet hiring," frontline worker flexibility, non-traditional candidate pipeline, and post-pandemic mental well-being. We’ve asked one of the world’s most iconic companies at the top of Fortune's list of 2023 best places to work to share how some of these trends are taking shape. Hear from the best about the future of work.

10:10 AM EDT

Economic mobility refers to a person's ability to improve their economic standing over time. In this session with corporate citizenship leaders, we will look at programs that bolster neighborhood stabilization as well as economic mobility for individuals during key moments in time, such as:

  • Birth (individual demographics)
  • Formative years (community demographics)
  • Working years (upskilling, reskilling, parenting while working, workplace re-entry for veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress or for those previously incarcerated, etc.)
  • Life events (ex: access to capital and credit, whether for entrepreneurship or home ownership)
  • Mature years (senior services, retirement planning, senior digital divide, etc.)

Explore the continuum with leaders whose work reaches the right communities and the right people at the right time, helping improve opportunities for upward economic mobility that could create lasting generational impact.

11:40 AM EDT

Natural disasters are not slowing down, and they continue to affect countless communities, small businesses, families, and individuals. But, can we prepare for the disruption? Yes, and technology helps. Rather than stay in a reactionary posture, many organizations are using emerging tech to help their stakeholders predict, plan for, and ultimately weather the disruptive and stressful impacts of disasters. Hear the practices, lessons learned, and promising outcomes from just a few of today’s key players.

Deploying humanitarian assistance takes thorough planning and trusted networks in any scenario – but the complexity rises when responding to a crisis outside of the home country. These experienced international aid players will help paint a picture of what works and what more needs to be done to be most effective when supporting relief and rebuilding in a humanitarian situation.

12:25 PM EDT

1:10 PM EDT

Leaders know that today’s major societal issues, such as unlocking opportunities for all within communities that are built to last, require thinking not only within today’s context, but tomorrow’s, too. We must anticipate challenges, develop solutions, and solve problems for moments in time that have not yet happened. Join a fascinating future-oriented talk about looking at today’s society through tomorrow’s lens … what problems are the most pervasive? What role does technology play? How do we wrangle disparate yet interconnected legacy systems to work for our future reality? How can business help solve for what’s ahead? 

2:00 PM EDT
- 5:30 PM EDT

We will close the 2023 conference with a variety of field trip options in the D.C. metro area. Field trip destinations will showcase real-life societal impact examples at our host destinations, each ending with a nearby networking reception.