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25th Annual Corporate Citizenship Conference and Citizens Awards

Anticipate Challenges, Develop Solutions, Solve Problems

America and the world need promising ideas and practical solutions to address the challenges that face us today and are brewing for tomorrow. Many of these challenges are deeply rooted, while some are more novel and reflect our complex, changing society.

Enter the business community. From bold social investments to essential cross-sector partnershipsbusiness solves.

When the power of business is harnessed to identify societal challenges, develop solutions, and resolve problems, the world as we know it progresses. Private enterprise has a distinguished history of helping usher important turning points in some of the leading issues of our time, from health, education, and the workforce to economic opportunity, community resilience, and sustainability.

On November 1-2, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation celebrated our 25th year of convening cross-sector stakeholders and showcasing stories that demonstrate the power of business. This esteemed event offered two full days of issues exploration, social impact best practices, and partnership spotlights that collectively show the mark that business – the most trusted institution once again in 2023 – is making on society.

Leaders from respected companies took the stage for keynote addresses and joined nonprofit and government partners in compelling fireside chats and panel discussions. We also unveiled the 2023 Citizens Award winners throughout the event. For more than two decades, the Citizens Awards have honored the best in the business community for investing in social and civic challenges, expanding opportunity, and driving progress in every aspect of society. These business awards are highly competitive, with winners selected by eminent judging panels. Learn more here. 


U.S. Chamber of Commerce HQ

1615 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20062


The Event Experience: 

This event took place in the U.S. Chamber's newly designed Great Hall - where historical meets a state-of-the art and collaborative environment. Our Great Hall is the heartbeat of the U.S. Chamber Foundation programs, technologically adaptive to business or programming needs in a hybrid world of in-person and virtual convenings.