Corporate Incubation: Building Bridges Between Corporations & Startups
Wednesday, November 18 | 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. ET

Through the motivation, power, and potential of their owners, products, or services, startups are significant drivers of innovation for ideas, investments, and operations for every industry. Successfully fostering this innovation requires an ecosystem of support including investors, suppliers, and consumers.

Corporations that embrace open innovation and see value in partnership increasingly look to startups as a source of external innovation to accelerate their strategies and better understand current and future customers, suppliers, and operations.

For both businesses, these partnerships are critical. Blending the entrepreneurial and corporate innovation ecosystems can provide a recipe for success, and while capital is crucial to that success, it is only a part of it. To address the need for capacity building many corporations have built incubators, accelerators, innovation labs, and venture arms that have created centers of mutual innovation and notable opportunities for startups to leverage the know-how, experience, intellectual property, and tools necessary to scale their ventures.

However, the vast differences between corporations and startups make collaboration a challenge. So, how do corporate accelerator programs work, and what are the ingredients for their secret sauce to success?

This session features the business and innovation leaders behind the corporate accelerators, the founders who have risen through their program—and notably, their partnership by which has foreseeable power and potential to transform three industries.

Created for a corporate and startup audience, attendees can expect to learn how to enter these partnerships, what factors make either an ideal partner, how to integrate ecosystems, and what happens after a successful incubation.


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The Next Wave of Corporate-Startup Innovation

 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures

Opening Doors to Open Innovation

The spotlight now turns to the three leading corporate accelerators, their leading innovation and enterprise practitioners, and program alumni founders.Through sharing their personal story and professional experience, business leaders and founders will also address but also as an introduction to how other executives, entrepreneurs, and investors can build or fit into a corporate innovation strategy.

 - Anne Wintroub, Director of Social Innovation, AT&T Foundation
 - Heejae Lim, Founder and CEO, TalkingPoints
 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures
 - Ramsay Huntley, Sustainable Finance Strategist, Wells Fargo
 - Orlando Saez, CEO, Aker

The Corporate Approach and Founder Experience

Part 1: Large Company Strategies

First, we will hear from the corporate innovation leaders and for a behind-the-scenes look at how their company developed enterprise and partnership models and createda pipeline to benefit startups in a way that benefits founders, executives, and the supply chain.

But, what has the company have to show for these collaborations? Are there any indicators of success or the return on investment?

 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures
 - Ramsay Huntley, Sustainable Finance Strategist, Wells Fargo
 - Anne Wintroub, Director of Social Innovation, AT&T Foundation

Part 2: Small Company Strategies

Next, we will hear from the founders to learn more about the day-to-day experience in each accelerator program. Founders will share more on how they activated resources, charted growth since the beginning of the corporate partnership, and the support system an accelerator alum.

But, how do prospective and early-stage entrepreneurs get in a position of interest to corporate partners?

 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures
 - Heejae Lim, Founder and CEO, TalkingPoints
 - Orlando Saez, CEO, Aker

Creating a Recipe for Success: Strong Vision, Shared Goals and Sustainable Business Models

Corporate and Startup partners reconvening to discuss business and partner relationships holistically.

 - Anne Wintroub, Director of Social Innovation, AT&T Foundation
 - Heejae Lim, Founder and CEO, TalkingPoints
 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures
 - Ramsay Huntley, Sustainable Finance Strategist, Wells Fargo
- Orlando Saez, CEO, Aker

Audience Questions and Closing Remarks

 - Scott Lopano, Principal, Tech Square Ventures
 - Alexa Miller, Associate Manager, Events and Programs; Managing Director, Digital Empowers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

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Tech Square Ventures
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Founder and CEO
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Director of Social Innovation
AT&T Foundation
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