Tuesday, October 11, 2022

8:00 AM EDT
- 9:00 AM EDT

9:05 AM EDT
- 9:20 AM EDT

In this fireside chat, we’ll dive into current challenges facing the business community, including inflation and the global supply chain shortage, and opportunities to tackle these challenges through collaboration and innovation.

9:20 AM EDT
- 9:35 AM EDT

ACC’s President and CEO, Chris Jahn, will discuss how the chemical industry is responding to the world’s greatest sustainability challenges and building consumer trust as a sustainability leader.

10:25 AM EDT
- 10:50 AM EDT

10:50 AM EDT
- 11:40 AM EDT

Bold climate and waste targets require new, innovative solutions to take sustainability efforts to the next level. The private sector is driving innovation across multiple sectors through new sustainable technologies and business models. This panel will bring together experts from multiple industries to discuss the latest in innovation and how the private sector can continue to accelerate it in order to meet various sustainability goals.

11:40 AM EDT
- 11:50 AM EDT

11:50 AM EDT
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12:50 PM EDT
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1:10 PM EDT
- 1:45 PM EDT

A range of solutions to help end plastic waste is available or on the cusp of reaching scale, from cutting-edge recycling technologies to alternative materials to circular business models. This discussion will explore how we can accelerate these solutions with the private sector as a primary catalyst.

1:45 PM EDT
- 2:25 PM EDT

In this session, panelists will discuss opportunities to decarbonize through alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower; new technologies such as grid modernization, and energy storage; and the circular economy. Panelists will share insights on the progress their companies are making, new opportunities on the horizon, and how industry can work together to make this future a reality.

2:50 PM EDT
- 3:45 PM EDT

Current reporting metrics frameworks are rapidly shifting. Recent consolidations and changes in Europe and in the U.S. can lead to confusion on how and where to report on sustainability. This panel will discuss how organizations are approaching their sustainability reports and using measurement tools.

Panelists will discuss how employees with a variety of perspectives, experiences, and skill sets can help organizations compete in the marketplace and innovate to meet sustainability goals.

3:45 PM EDT
- 3:50 PM EDT

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