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Kwasi Mitchell
Job Title
Chief Purpose Officer
Speaker Bio
Kwasi Mitchell serves as the Chief Purpose Officer of Deloitte. He is responsible for driving a firmwide strategy around Deloitte’s commitments to areas including, but not limited to, diversity, equity, and inclusion; sustainability and climate change; and education and workforce development. Kwasi is also responsible for engaging our people to live their purpose daily, supporting our clients on their purpose journey, forming alliances with key partners to cocreate solutions to address systemic societal issues, and driving internal policy and process changes to achieve our purpose aspirations. Kwasi’s leadership will also bring focus to the lasting impact Deloitte works to bring to our communities through corporate citizenship.

Kwasi formerly served as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leader and the Pro Bono and Social Impact lead for our more-than-50,000-person Consulting practice. He currently advises clients within both the government and commercial sectors and previously served as the Strategy Offering leader for our Government & Public Services practice.

Kwasi has a PhD in inorganic chemistry, sits on the board of several national and global nonprofits, and lives in Washington, D.C., where he spends time with his lovely wife, Kathleen.

" We will continuously decide not to stay silent and put in the time and effort for a cause that is greater than ourselves." - Kwasi Mitchell, Chief Purpose Officer
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Kwasi Mitchell