Forum 1: Kickoff Event

Today's economy is constantly transforming. The way we develop and invest in talent—as well as how we manage employment and earnings risks—also has to transform. Rethinking our approach to talent finance is imperative to meet the moment and grow our economy, maintain our global competitiveness, and close opportunity gaps. This event will kick off a series of discussion that make the case for a public-private approach to financing talent in the new economy, one that can forge a new consensus and strike the right balance between the roles of employers, workers, and government. 



September 22

1:30 - 3:00 p.m. ET


This event has passed.

Featured Speakers:

Sheila Bair

Director, Volcker Alliance 

Carolyn Cawley

President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation


Suzanne Clark

President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Paul Freedman

President of Learning Marketplace, Guild Education

Jack Markell

Former Governor of Delaware

Sarah Miller

Senior Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Jane Oates

President, WorkingNation

Scott Pulsipher

President, Western Governors University

Erin Robert

Head of Impact Finance, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Jason A. Tyszko

Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation