Event Agenda Topics:

Getting America Back to Work

Putting Americans back to work and filling open jobs is the challenge of our time — individual opportunity and our competitiveness as a nation depend on it.


Solving the Workforce Shortage

Whether as a direct result from the pandemic or not, most industries are experiencing significant difficulty filling jobs. Identifying what is needed—from both the private and public sectors—to solve the workforce shortage while preparing for future talent needs tops many employers’ priority lists.


Childcare: The Backbone to Recovery

Childcare is a workforce issue. If we’re to address the people-jobs gap, we need a commitment to solutions that support working parents, particularly women.


Bridging Education to Employment

With many challenges plaguing our education and workforce systems, more work needs to be done to bridge the transition from education to employment opportunities. Work-based learning is an important solution and the employer community can be the changemaker.


Black Americans Are Out of Work by the Millions — the Private Sector is Fixing That

At the start of 2020, the unemployment rate among Black workers was the lowest it had ever been, then the pandemic hit. Today, the unemployment rate for Black men is double that of white men. If we’re to close the people-jobs gap, we need everyone off the bench. The private sector is answering the call.


Digital Skills and the Workforce of the Future

In 2021, every company is a tech company, and skills for the digital economy are in demand. Public-private partnerships are training workers with these skills, filling open positions, and growing the economy.


Employers Are the Colleges of the Future

When it comes to employer engagement in workforce development, companies are going beyond sitting on advisory boards and providing tuition reimbursement for their employees. Some are entering the training and credentialing market, not as part of their core business model, but as an attempt to improve the number and quality of skilled workers for their industry or for the entire labor market. How are they providing better quality, more affordable training for workers, and improving outcomes and opportunities for advancement?


Common Grounds Workforce Crossover Event

What is the federal government’s role in helping to solve the challenge of our time? Hear from bipartisan leaders in the U.S. House and Senate.