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Jesse Levin
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Jesse Levin specializes in cultivating unconventional approaches to proactive readiness, emergency business continuity and capacity building in crisis zones, both domestically and internationally. He is the Founder of Tactivate, a firm that brings response, recovery, and stability solutions to global disasters, conflicts, and emerging markets through Expeditionary Entrepreneurial teams of military, first responder, and impact entrepreneur subject matter experts.

Domestically Tactivate launches experiential ventures to address society's relationship with readiness at the community level. The latest project, The Readiness Collective, is a skills training social club for creating more cohesive and resilient communities, one more trained and connected individual and business at a time. Tactivate’s International efforts center around identifying hyper local actors, and small businesses to work with, through and alongside to conduct humanitarian and economic stability operations. These response efforts have been carried out from Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Japan, to Panama, the Ukraine and many locations in between. Tactivate’s work in the social impact venture and disaster response arenas have been featured in Entrepreneur, FastCo, Forbes, Bloomberg and on CNN.

Jesse is currently volunteering to serve as the Interim Executive Director for the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, is a member of the upcoming Military Mentors eMMissary leadership cohort and volunteers as a Hacking 4 Defense Mentor. Jesse has assisted NGO’s in the disaster response space to grow, including Team Rubicon, in its formative years as the first volunteer Corporate Development and Partnerships lead.
Jesse Levin