Full Name
Mohammad Roshan Safi
Job Title
Afghanistan - National Security Council Senior Enlisted Advisor (A-NSC SEA)
Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), Ret.
Speaker Bio
Sergeant Major of the Afghan National Army (Ret) Roshan Safi was born in 1974 in the village of Hamza Khail, District of Tagab, Kapisa Province. He graduated from Ghazi Usman High School and immediately entered the Afghan National Army (ANA) in 2002.

His military training includes the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Course, Personnel Management Course, Battle Staff NCO Course, United States Air Force Defense Language Institute (DLI), Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, and the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA), Class 56, Fort Bliss, Texas.

SMA (Ret) Safi has served in every enlisted position in the Afghan National Army from Squad Leader to Command Sergeant Major and becoming the first Sergeant Major of the Afghan National Army in June 2006. He was elevated as the first National Security Council Senior Enlisted Advisor (A-NSC SEA).

His previous assignments include Supply Sergeant, Squad Leader and First Sergeant with HHC, 2nd Battalion; Brigade Command Sergeant Major, 1st Brigade; and Command Sergeant Major, 1st Central Corps. Beside his military service, SMA Safi worked for Parks Global Solution (PGS) company as a Government Relation Representative (GRR) continuing to support the United States.

As the Sergeant Major of the Afghan National Army, he was a pioneer for change and singlehandedly professionalized the Army, but especially the NCO Corps. He changed the name of the NCO from Small Sergeant to Battle Buddy (Khordzabet to Bridmal); established the first ANA Uniform Policy; developed the crest for the headgear insignia; developed an NCO and Soldier Creed; developed and instituted 33 Warrior Tasks and nine Battle Drills for all Soldiers; instrumental in moving the ANA NCO Academy under ANA NCO Education System; assisted in the development of the ANA literacy program; planned, coordinated and established nominative level Senior Ranking NCO monthly VTC’s and the Senior NCO Support Channel; and instituted the Soldier and NCO of the Year - Best Warrior Competition. He routinely represented the ANA at Senior NCO Conferences with attending dignitaries from NATO forces, including several U.S. Sergeants Major of the Army, and U.S. Senior Enlisted Advisors to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; he made numerous trips to U.S. and other countries to brief as a guest speaker; and changed the culture by creating a 50-bed rehabilitation center for ANA wounded warriors, and then took the Afghan Wounded Warrior Team to Canada and Australia to participate in the Invictus Game.

His awards and decorations include being inducted into USASMA’s International Student Hall of Fame in 2010; U.S. Legion of Merit Medal, U.S. Army Commendation Medal, ANA Good Service Medal, ANA 1st and 2d Success Medals, Respect Symbol of ANSF award from Police, numerous Letters of Commendation, including U.S. Army Chief of Staff, U.S. SMA, ISAF/ CSTC-A Commanders, ANA, ANSF, and NSC leaders. SMA (ret) Safi is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree.

SMA (R) Roshan Safi is married with 7 children.
Mohammad Roshan Safi