Featured Speakers

LER Pilot Presenters   

LER Pilot: Velocity Network

LER Pilot: Microcredentials for AUTHENTIC Lifelong Learning at John Hopkins University

Rita Detrick
Senior Analyst
Solutions for Information Design (SOLID), LLC

LER Pilot: Military Learning and Employment Record 

Spencer Ellis
Director of Educational Innovation
Colorado Department of Higher Education

LER Pilot: Colorado Distributed Ecosystem Xchange (CODEX)


LER Pilot: Improving the Efficiency of the Talent Marketplace: Deploying ELocker in Oklahoma and Mid-America

LER Pilot: Verifiable Learning Artifacts on LER

LER Pilot: GreenLight Mental Health Wallet

Manager, Engineering Operations

LER Pilot: Global Student Mobility and "Meta-University" Across SE Asia & Canada

LER Pilot: Project Wellspring (Phase II)

LER Pilot: Broward Equity Co-Lab

Product Manager
ICTE.io, Interplanetary Crypto Token Exchange

LER Pilot: High School Graduate Skills-Based LERs for Rapid Entrance into the Workforce

LER Pilot: North Dakota Integrated Learner Record

LER Pilot: Portable Skills Account for Frontline Work 

LER Pilot: UNT Career Connect

LER Pilot: IMT/LearnX - Skilled Worker Accelerator Project

LER Pilot: Reverse Transfer-Trusted Learner Network

Project Leads

Jeanne Kitchens
Chief Technology Services Officer
Credential Engine
LER Community Manager
T3 Innovation Network, Georgetown University, Arizona State University
Talent Marketplace Ecosystem Analyst
Research Professor
George Washington University
Stuart A. Sutton
Semantic Metadata Consultant
Sutton & Associates Consulting
Vice President, Policy and Programs
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation