Full Name
George Tamas
Job Title
Strategic Innovation Consultant
Integrated Media Technologies, Inc.
Speaker Bio
At present, Mr. Tamas is an independent consultant specializing in the research, design, and development of innovative learning technology tools and processes that support public-private collaborative networks and shared databases at scale.
For the last five years, he has focused his interests and work on micro-credentials and comprehensive learning records. This work began as IMT’s Principal Investigator for a 2-year R&D project for the DoD through the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative studying micro-credentials for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army that could potentially be transferable across military, academic, and business entities. These early designs led to the development of the LearnX platform, which is the focus of the T3 LER pilot called, “IMT/LearnX – Skilled Worker Accelerator Project.”
Mr. Tamas also currently works with the University of Illinois/Gies College of Business as a Strategic Innovation Consultant in support of their online learning programs. His recent contributions include: implementation of an AI-based chatbot to assist and analyze inquiries about their noted online MBA program (“iMBA”); and development of a Virtual Tutor for assisting students about video-delivered course content in granular learning modules provided in collaboration with Coursera. The micro-credentials and evidence artifacts from such granular modules are designed to be aggregated into an LER as a digital wallet.
His previous work includes more than two decades of experience as both consulting principal and top executive in multiple organizations developing learning technology solutions. Among the more notable examples are the following:
• Interactive Virtual Learning (IVL), developed at IMT and implemented as a worldwide distributed HD-video learning infrastructure for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company.
• CurriQunet, a web-based curriculum management system that provides automated program and course approval workflow at both the local campus and multi-campus (district and state) levels, currently in use across the U.S., Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.
• ASSIST:Next Generation, an articulation management system designed, developed, and implemented to serve the 145 campuses of the University of California, California State University system, and California Community College system in the provision of transfer and credit information for their approximately 3,000,000 students.
Based on his decades of experience and innovative achievements, Mr. Tamas is recognized as a thought leader and is frequently sought as a contributing collaborator to consortia such as the T3 Innovation Network, ASU Trusted Learner Network, and the IEEE ILR Workgroup, as well as a presenter at professional conferences.
George Tamas