Full Name
Ravi Devesetti
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer
Experian Consumer Information Services
Speaker Bio
Job description:
CTO, CIS Product Development, responsible for all product development including roadmaps, Innovation, Engineering and operations.

Experian job history:
Joined Experian in August 2016.

Over the last 4 years, built and launched a number of innovative products and capabilities including APIHub, real time Boost implementation on Credit side and big data Ascend platform. Accelerated product development through engineering excellence, fully transitioning to agile product development, adopting industry best practices of DevSecOps, ML/Ops and SRE methodologies. Ravi fostered a culture of embracing change, launched quarterly Hackathons Experian wide and established development center in Hyderabad achieving “follow the sun” model. Additionally, Ravi championing technology transformation and made significant strides in migrating existing legacy monolithic and mainframe systems to modern technology stacks that consists of microservices, containerization, big data, real time streaming and cloud platforms.

Prior work experience:
12 years at PayPal. Built many scalable and available systems. Key accomplishments:
• Replatforming Payment systems that enabled the growth to multi-currency and many countries
• Transformed product development in building agile/devop that enabled acceleration of releases
• Built Platform as a service to enable developers to build micro services, messaging, monitoring, streaming and notifications systems

8 years at Netscape. Built several highly scalable E-Commerce Systems that includes Publishing System, Alerts Engine, AOL by Phone/Call Alert and Travel Feed System/widget in My Aol/My Netscape.

NIT Warngal, India Masters of Sciences, Computer Science
KITS Warangal, India Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Twitter Handle
Ravi Devesetti