Breakout Session: Open-Source, Citizen Science for Good
Date & Time
Thursday, October 8, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Sean Griffin Leo Meyerovich Anita Nikolich

The open-source and citizen science movements have tackled issues ranging from climate change, to human trafficking, and now preventing the spread of misinformation. With COVID-19 taking over the news cycle and the increase in civil unrest and the upcoming elections, the threat of misinformation is more apparent than ever. In this talk, Project Domino co-founders Sean Griffin, CEO of Disaster Tech, and Leo Meyerovich, CEO and founder of Graphistry, will discuss how open-source and citizen science are being leveraged to scale COVID-19 behavior changes and anti-misinformation.

Key takeaways include: Why open-source technologies and citizen science are equipped to tackle large social issues; where current misinformation practices are failing, and how communities can leverage digital tools to fight back; and the power of citizen science and how it’s enabled Sean and Leo to co-found Project Domino — and still lead their respective startups.

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